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Flower Essences
Introducing Flower Essences Infused with Healing Sounds

This year provided me the time and opportunity to grow flowers from seed and create my own flower essences. These are the results of a joyful collaboration with my friend Michelle Pederson.

I've been enjoying flower remedies for the past 15 years.  They work very subtly but powerfully, especially when it comes to emotional pain.  They work beautifully for pets and children, and there are no drug-herb interactions to worry about. 

The remedies are made of water with a bit of brandy or vegetable glycerin as preservatives. Each flower has its own unique healing properties to share, and I am infusing each remedy with the sounds of an alchemy

crystal singing bowl. 

Since this year has been one heck of a roller coaster for many of us, definitely myself included,

I hope these offerings are timely. 


Amplify Joy



Attuned Heart



Sonic Release






Stand in Your Light


Amplify Joy

When you are craving an infusion of joy and lightness of being, this essence is the one.  Helping us take life less seriously, we find humor and laughter through a childlike perspective and a fresh sense of delight. Nothing relieves stress like a good laugh!

Zinnia Candy Mix


Laughing Buddha Supreme

FullSizeRender copy.jpeg

Sonic Release

This essence blend addresses bad habits and unconscious behaviors that no longer serve.  One can feel at home in the body, deeply aware of a connection to the earth and her great strength and wisdom.  With that felt connection, the brightness of who we are shines forth, overshadowing the need to "numb out."

Bowl 2

Rudbeckia "Chim Chiminee Mix"

Grandmother Alchemy Bowl

FullSizeRender copy 2.jpeg

Attuned Heart

Made using the Rose Quartz Morph Bowl, this essence reminds us that it is through heartbreak that our heart expands its capacity to love. 

  This essence allows us to sense the calm, peaceful ground of our own hearts.  Unconditional love and a heart that is meant to grow and expand is our birthright.  This essence lets us

feel the love.

China Aster Harlekin Light Rose

Bowl 3

Rose Quartz Morph



Like gentle rain, this essence helps clear away old ideas about ourselves and others, creating harmony in our relationships.  This essence promotes warmth, self-love and self-forgiveness.  We take heart in our ability to receive as well as to give.  The calendula's purpose is to help communicate effectively from the heart.

Calendula & Bachelors Buttons

Bowl 4

Sedona Red Rock Mother of Platinum


Blend of Rudbeckia & Milkweed

Stand in Your Light

This essence uplifts, builds self-confidence, and develops creativity.  Standing in our own light, we stand in the power of our own authority.  We then become the courageous and creative beings we are meant to be.

Bowl 5

Apophyllite Lemon Aura Gold

Check out the video below to see the process.

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