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Hillary Full Bio

Hillary's Story

Hillary graduated from Georgetown University with a degree in Languages and Linguistics.  It was during college that Hillary received her first acupuncture treatment and found it transformative and powerful.  She decided to follow her heart to acupuncture school in 2003.  While at the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in San Francisco, she interned in the office of Dr. Lifang Liang, known for her highly regarded book "Acupuncture and IVF", as well as early research on acupuncture and improved IVF outcomes.


In 2013 Hillary began studying with veteran Acupuncturist Katie Mink, and began incorporating the use of tuning forks in her practice.  She found the tuning forks to be a great complement, helping to relieve depression, stress and anxiety, as well as pain.  Hillary has studied Classical Chinese Medicine with Jeffrey Yuen and Josephine Spilka, and sound healing with renowned Sound Healer, Zacciah Blackburn.  This has brought a more profound trust in human beings’ innate abilities to heal and evolve.  She now leads group acupuncture sessions using crystal singing bowls and various other instruments.  


Hillary is a wife and mother of three. She loves to play tennis, laugh with family and friends, and enjoy the ocean near her home in Santa Cruz.

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