Service Details


Acupuncture treatment utilizes hair-thin needles at specific sites to encourage the body's innate ability to heal. 


Often as an acupuncturist I am asking what my patient's body needs. More energy, nutrients or perhaps a lack of blood circulation? 


Besides treating pain, I believe acupuncture supports the body as it responds to the inevitable: change.  Whether at the level of a simple virus or a genetic disease, acupuncture supports the individual to evolve and transform, as a result of meeting changing circumstances.

Herbal Medicine

It is a joy to prescribe herbal medicine to my patients.  I determine the appropriate formula by paying close attention to the pulses along the radial artery.  The correct diagnosis follows the pulse findings.  Herbal medicine, like acupuncture, shifts the quality of the pulse, and the patient's health improves as a result. 


I use only the highest quality herbs that are tested for heavy metals and other contaminants.  I work with companies I trust such as Evergreen Herbs and Kan Herbals who constantly test the quality of their products. 


In recent years I have become enthusiastic about using essential oils in my practice, sometimes prescribing a specific essential oil or making a blend for the patient to apply at home.  Flower essences are an additional modality I use, especially for emotional issues.  Unlike essential oils that contain the DNA of the plant, flower essences contain the energetic imprint of the plant, and their effects are subtle yet profound.

Sound Healing

Sound healing resonates deeply with my heart, and is a great gift to share this modality with my patients. 


After incorporating tuning forks into my practice five years ago, I became convinced that sound has a profound impact on many aspects of being, including the physical, mental and emotional.  My patients would remark with surprise that they could feel the sound vibrations traveling along a certain meridian.  


As a lifelong singer, I became curious about the way the human voice could be used to help restore balance and harmony in the body.  As I became more and more fascinated with sound healing, I acquired more tools, including crystal singing bowls and a harmonium.  Every session is intuitively designed to address the needs of the individual, creating space for the nervous system to unwind.